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It improves Windows user interface when working with several monitors
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Actual Multiple Monitors is intended to improve the functionality of Windows graphical user interface when working with a multi-monitor configuration. In this respect, it lets you avoid the limitations caused by the absence of a taskbar on secondary displays. Moreover, the tool can increase your productivity by automating various operations that would otherwise require a sequence of clicks.

In relation to the simulated taskbar that appears on the secondary monitors, it is quite convenient that it shows only those tasks that are currently associated with that display when the system is configured in individual mode. This additional taskbar even has its own Start Button, which you can use to launch programs as you would normally do from the main display. However, it is logical that, in mirror mode, there is no difference compared with what usually happens.

One of the most useful features of this tool is that it saves you from the effort of dragging windows between screens, thanks to an additional button that allows doing more quickly. Not only that, there is also a button to span a given window across all available monitors.

The program also lets you manage other aspects related to the use of multiple screens. For instance, you can stretch a background paper over all the monitors or use different images for each of them. Likewise, it is possible to create desktop profiles, which allow you to control such things as screen resolution, color depth and refresh rate on each desktop if you need to.

All in all, Actual Multiple Monitors allows increasing the productivity of your work. However, it does need some time and experience to configure it appropriately. In this respect, the tool is definitely harder to use than the features built in Windows. You should know that this tool is also available as a part of Actual Tools, a suite comprising some similar productivity programs. In this regard, it would be advisable to check on the price of the bundle as it is more convenient than buying its components separately. One last thing, you should be careful while you install it if you do not want the program to collect any kind of statistics about your activities.

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  • Automates various Windows operations
  • Stretches your desktop across various screens
  • Moves windows between screens with just a click
  • Supports using individual desktop papers and screen savers in your monitors


  • Difficult to configure
  • May share statistics of your activities
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