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Actual Multiple Monitors 3.1

It helps you work with multi-monitor configurations
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Actual Multiple Monitors is an application that helps you work with multi-monitor configurations, meaning that you can emulate the main Windows interface on other monitors and still have the same management services available. To be more specific, you don’t have to move from one monitor to another for a certain action to be launched, as you already have the taskbar on each display.

The nicest thing about this application is that those secondary virtual computers are as good as the primary one. You can access the start button on the secondary displays and you can even switch tasks without paying attention to the primary one. It is good to know that you can set the taskbar to work in two ways, that is, in individual mode, which is set by default, and in mirror mode, which shows the same set of buttons on every taskbar.

In order to manage a multi-monitor window, the application comes to your help with a “Move to Monitor” option, which quickly places a certain window onto the desired monitor. You can even personalize each monitor by setting different wallpapers as backgrounds; it is recommended to use different wallpapers so that you know which screen you are working on.

I have also noticed in this last version of Actual Multiple Monitors that, as regards Windows Media Player, the secondary taskbars also display the most frequently used control buttons, such as Play, Pause, Forward, and Back.

Alex Vince
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  • The secondary virtual computers are as good as the primary one


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